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Tree of Life

Our Goal

In the aftermath of the worst antisemitic attack in the United States, when 11 worshippers were killed during Shabbat services, the Tree of Life found itself with an unexpected national platform and a desire to use that platform to counter the hate that devastated its community.

West End Strategy Team is equipping Tree of Life to reclaim its story and chart a new path forward that transforms a site of hate and trauma into a place of education, healing and hope.


WEST began our work with Tree of Life by listening to congregation leaders share their experiences and carefully reviewing listening sessions conducted within the community. Using what we learned about the community’s needs and desires, we conceptualized REMEMBER. REBUILD. RENEW., a comprehensive campaign for its future.

WEST developed the campaign’s core messages and the content for related collateral materials. Working closely with partner Lipton Strategies, WEST continues to provide messaging guidance to Tree of Life’s leadership, particularly in moments of increased attention such as the annual commemoration of the attack.

WEST leads the media strategy for the REMEMBER. REBUILD. RENEW. campaign, including the announcement of the campaign’s honorary cabinet featuring Tom Hanks, Billy Porter and the late Joanne Rogers, wife of Fred Rogers. When it came time to announce the selection of Daniel Libeskind as the lead architect for the rebuilding of the Tree of Life campus, WEST developed an announcement strategy that included an exclusive New York Times story and a CBS This Morning segment featuring Libeskind and Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who survived the attack.

Architect Daniel Libeskind and Rabbi Jeffrey Myers speak with Jim Axelrod of CBS This Morning. (Photo by Gilad Thaler/CBS)
“We must return. If we don’t, we give the message that evil won, because it chased us out of our building.” — Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

Our Results

Our partnership with Tree of Life continues as it prepares for the unveiling of the designs for the building and the announcement of a future center dedicated to countering antisemitism and hate. WEST is working closely with Lipton Strategies and Tree of Life leadership and key stakeholders as we lead media strategy and develop materials to support REMEMBER. REBUILD. RENEW.

Media Coverage

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