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Christine Lamitina

Vice President

Christine Lamitina brings her experience as a communications strategist and veteran of legislative campaigns to West End Strategy Team. She has a track record of building influence, impact, and an audience for leading nonprofit organizations, cultural institutions, labor coalitions, and government agencies.

At WEST, Christine works with foundations, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations, leveraging her expertise to drive impactful communication strategies that inspire action and foster positive change.

Most recently, Christine worked at 617 Media Group where she led a team of strategic communicators, public relations experts, and multimedia specialists on developing and implementing comprehensive communication strategies for 10 labor unions and non-profit organizations.

Prior to her agency experience, Christine served as the marketing director for Milwaukee’s NPR station, where she leveraged her skills to engage audiences and promote community-driven initiatives. Her role as communications director for SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin further showcased her dedication to amplifying the voices of workers. She also served as the communications manager for the Consumer Federation of America, where she worked tirelessly to advance consumer protection initiatives and raise public awareness.

Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently resides in Washington, D.C., where she navigates the bustling city life with her petulant Boston terrier named Ollie.

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