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Sara DuBois

Vice President

Sara DuBois is a talented communications strategist with 15 years of experience in advocacy and political communications, working with progressive and bipartisan organizations to secure coverage in national and local outlets including CNN, Comedy Central, Associated Press, Fox News, The New York Times, Idaho Statesman, Florida Politics, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, Politico, and US News & World Report.

At West End Strategy Team, Sara DuBois specializes in developing strategy, writing, and pitching stories with a focus on national security, human rights and justice issues.

Previously, she ran her own boutique strategy and communications shop, using effective storytelling, tailored outreach and strategic partnerships on behalf of clients such as Pentagon Budget Campaign, Movement Voter Project, The Nature Conservancy, and the Computer Science Education Coalition.

Earlier in her career, Sara served as editorial director at Amnesty International USA, where she created integrated communications strategies for advocacy campaigns and events including a 10,000-person concert, human rights deployments to Ferguson, Selma, Baltimore, and in other rapid response and crisis situations. She also served as communications director at National Security Network, campaigns manager at Message Global LLC and director of compliance at Sandler Reiff & Young PC.

A Baltimore native, Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature & History and in Spanish from the Washington University in St. Louis. She is also a contributor to two books on politics and a feature-length documentary.

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