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Matt Dorf

President and Founder

When opportunities, challenges or crises arise, West End Strategy Team’s clients are reassured because Matt Dorf is on their team.

As a veteran political insider whose award-winning communications create impactful client results, Matt quarterbacks the West End Strategy Team, leading the growing firm in its work with organizations of all sizes, advocacy campaigns, foundations and companies.

Matt approaches client partnerships using a Goals-Audience-Tactics framework to ensure that successful tactics reach the audiences necessary to achieve these goals.

Drawing on his deep expertise across media, advocacy, government and strategy, Matt creatively leverages public-facing moments, broadly influences public opinion and helps clients to secure tangible results— passage of legislation, moving public opinion, boosting membership, or expanding a donor base. An award-winning former bureau chief, political adviser and lobbyist, Matt is immersed in progressive politics at the highest levels, sitting at the forefront of some of the world’s most critical issues, including human rights, comprehensive immigration reform, gun violence prevention, racial justice, climate change and promoting diplomacy.

In 2013, he founded WEST, and is proud to lead a firm that lives its values, encourages team members to thrive, and partners with clients we believe in and who drive social change.

Matt lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife and three children. Peaches the dog joined their family after Matt lost a bet with his kids over Donald Trump’s (first) impeachment — a valuable lesson to practice what he preaches about messaging and using precise language.

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