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Our Work

Our Impact

We never forget that the work we do with our clients ultimately impacts the lives of real people — working families, women, children, LGBTQ+ individuals, immigrants and refugees, people of color, religious minorities, people affected by gun violence, incarcerated and returning citizens, and so many others.


As a full-service strategic communications firm, we work closely with clients to define their goals, identify key audiences, and develop a communications strategy to achieve success. We partner with clients to manage media relations, conduct trainings, develop messaging and content, mitigate risks and respond to crises, conceptualize and execute newsworthy events, and leverage media placements to reach audiences across key platforms.

Case Studies

Emerging Public Leaders

WEST works with Emerging Public Leaders to share its successes, amplify the expertise of its leaders and fellows, and raise its profile among the key practitioner and donor audiences it needs to continue growing civil service leaders in Africa, particularly in Liberia, Ghana and Kenya.

Grinnell College

When the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic became clear in March 2020, WEST supported Grinnell College as they moved rapidly to respond to the crisis at hand. WEST worked closely with Grinnell to ensure its community believed the College cared in order to build and maintain trust in the institution as it weathered the global health crisis.

Tree of Life

In the aftermath of the worst antisemitic attack in the United States, when 11 worshippers were killed during Sabbath services, the Tree of Life found itself with an unexpected national platform and a desire to use that platform to counter the hate that devastated its community. West End Strategy Team is equipping the Tree of Life community to reclaim its story and chart a new path forward.

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