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Emerging Public Leaders

Our Goal

While elected officials are the public face of government, it is the civil servants who are implementing scientific guidance, keeping critical systems running and shifting resources and budgets to meet the needs of their communities. Emerging Public Leaders knows that this civil service corps isn’t developed overnight and must be carefully cultivated through education and training, mentorship and networking opportunities for young government leaders to learn from others in their field.

West End Strategy Team works with Emerging Public Leaders to showcase the organization’s efforts to recruit, develop, network and support the next generation of civil servants in Liberia, Ghana and Kenya as well as position the organization as a thought leader on the importance of government in international development.


With the 2022 launch of a fellowship in Kenya, WEST has expanded the recognition and awareness of EPL’s work outside of West Africa with coverage across the continent and engagement in global forums. In addition to elevating EPL’s focus on the importance of the civil service in the Economist magazine‘s series on democracy in Africa, WEST placed EPL’s executive director in one of the most significant outlets in South Africa, to discuss the centrality of civil servants in ensuring integrity in elections and peaceful transitions of power in democracies.

WEST helped EPL to create and maintain a story bank demonstrating the successes of its fellows, using the anecdotes to highlight the impact of the program in speeches, workshops, op-eds, digital communications, and the organization’s annual report, the production of which WEST manages in close collaboration with the organization’s team. The annual report project highlights EPL’s accomplishments and drives financial support among individual donors and institutional funders.

“EPL fellows’ work will change our country, our continent, and our world.” — Yawa Hansen-Quao, Executive Director, EPL

Our Results

WEST has positioned the leadership of EPL as thought leaders on anti-corruption efforts and civil service in nations where the organization operates as well as within peer nations around the world. EPL has increased the impact of its programs and begun reframing the narrative on the need to address governance and representation in African nations.

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