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Emerging Public Leaders

Our Goal

While elected officials are the public face of government, it is the civil servants who are implementing scientific guidance, keeping critical systems running and shifting resources and budgets to meet the community’s needs. Emerging Public Leaders knows that this civil service corps isn’t developed overnight. Rather, it must be carefully cultivated through education and training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for young government leaders to learn from others in their field. WEST works with Emerging Public Leaders to share its successes, amplify the expertise of its leaders and fellows, and raise its profile among the key practitioner and donor audiences it needs to continue growing civil service leaders in Africa, particularly in Liberia, Ghana and Kenya.


WEST conducts media outreach and creative thought leadership approaches focusing on EPL’s leaders and fellows in order to elevate the organization’s success at training a professional, merit-based civil service. WEST’s work has helped to signify the importance of the civil service in Africa through the Economist magazine‘s series on democracy on the continent. WEST also helped to place EPL’s executive director in one of the largest outlets in South Africa to discuss the centrality of civil servants in ensuring integrity in elections and peaceful transitions of power in democracies.

WEST developed and manages an “In Conversation” webinar series as part of professional development for EPL’s fellows. We promote these events in front of relevant public audiences.

To highlight its accomplishments and drive interest in financial support among both individual donors and institutional funders, WEST leveraged our deep understanding of the organization to manage the development and production of EPL’s annual report.

Whether working remotely or as essential in-person staff, fellows served in critical roles in distributing protective equipment, coordinating quarantine sites and keeping crucial government services operating throughout the emergency. These actions contributed to Ghana and Liberia’s largely celebrated responses to the pandemic. — Yawa Hansen-Quao, Emerging Public Leaders

Our Results

WEST continues to strengthen the position of Emerging Public Leaders as a thought leader on anti-corruption efforts and civil service in nations where the organization operates around the world. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of its programs has grown and EPL is reframing how the need to address governance and representation in African nations is understood.

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