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Celebrating 10 Years of WEST

We launched West End Strategy Team in 2013 to partner in efforts to enrich lives and create a more just, equitable world. After a decade, we hold firm to the belief that smart, strategic communications can improve lives.

Issues & Impact

Our collaboration with clients leads to policy changes, enriches lives and creates a more just, equitable world. We’ve protected and expanded voting rights and built support for diplomacy, gun violence prevention legislation and a stronger safety net. We’ve campaigned for gender equity and racial justice, secured stays of deportation, helped more refugees come to the United States, and supported the preservation of public lands.


We develop and implement bold and innovative communications strategies to frame the narrative and leverage the news cycle. Our strategic communications initiatives directly support client goals, reach new audiences and drive meaningful and lasting change.

Staff Spotlight

Alexa Lamanna Clark

Alexa Lamanna Clark works with clients to implement creative communications strategies that help them amplify key messages and achieve their goals. In her role at West End Strategy Team, Alexa works with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations that expose human rights violations around the world, advocating to advance the rights of immigrants, undocumented workers and asylum seekers; working to implement policies that protect the environment; and urging the expansion of access to mental health treatment.

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