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Standing with Ukraine

We hope and pray for a peaceful future. In the meantime, we will continue shining a light on those tirelessly protecting rights and freedoms, amplifying the needs of Ukrainians who are fleeing as well as those who remain, and elevating the voices of those who are risking their lives to disseminate the truth about what is happening. 

Issues & Impact

Our collaboration with clients leads to policy changes, enriches lives and creates a more just, equitable world. We’ve protected and expanded voting rights and built support for diplomacy, gun violence prevention legislation and a stronger safety net. We’ve campaigned for gender equity and racial justice, secured stays of deportation, helped more refugees come to the United States, and supported the preservation of public lands.


We develop and implement bold and innovative communications strategies to frame the narrative and leverage the news cycle. Our strategic communications initiatives directly support client goals, reach new audiences and drive meaningful and lasting change.

Staff Spotlight

Santierra Hutson

Santierra Hutson collaborates with clients at West End Strategy Team to develop and implement communications strategies to reach client audiences and to bring awareness and drive actionable change.

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